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What We Offer

KLCEI hosts several 3-hour (9 am - 12 pm) Saturday language and culture courses that run from September through April (26 weeks) across two semesters.  We have various classes to accommodate children from age 4 through young adults, as well as beginner/intermediate courses for adults.

​우리한국학교는 하트포드에 위치한 트리니티 대학 안 Life Science Center 건물에서 ​9월부터 4월까지 정해진 토요일마다 오전 9시부터 12시 까지 세시간씩 수업을 하고 있습니다.  아이 4세 부터 성인까지 참여할수있는 반들이 있습니다.

2020 년 가을학기에 한해, COVID-19 로 인해 트리니티 대학 건물 사용이 불가능해져서 10월 3일부터 온라인 수업 10 세션으로 진행됩니다.

Each semester runs for 13 classes/sessions.  In general, the Fall semester starts on the first Saturday after the Labor Day in September and the spring semester on the first Saturday after the New Year's Day in January.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, physical use of Trinity College venue has become impossible at the moment.  As such,10 on-line classes/sessions will be provided starting on Oct. 3, for 2020 Fall semester.


KLCEI provides classes covering language, history, art, music and food in its curriculum that currently address the needs of our students. We utilize Korean books, videos, internet, art and music as some of our tools.