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Need-Based Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that need-based scholarships are available for students registering for KLCEI.

To apply, please submit the following items by July 31st for the fall semester and November 30th for the spring semester to the KLCEI Board President

1. A completed registration form.

2. A copy of one of the followings: Your family’s most recent IRS 1040 Form, proof of Husky/Medicaid Insurance, or student's acceptance letter to a subsidized school lunch program (free/reduced lunch)

3. A letter from a parent, if the student is 16 years old and under, or a letter from the student if the student is older than 16 years old; This letter should be about 200-250 words, describing why you or your child would like to participate in the KLCEI program.  In addition, explain your family’s needs and any extenuating circumstances that would help us to evaluate and award the scholarship based on your financial hardship.

4. Two recommendations from a teacher, mentor, coach or employer(co-worker).